Friday, December 16, 2016

This winter of my life

I am off work today, bundled inside watching the winter storm work its way in with deepening grey skies, wind whipping the leaf-less trees and dried brown grasses, with the temperature continuing to drop.  It was 9 degrees at sunup today, now it is a balmy 23 degrees, and today's high of 27 was hours ago.  It is forecast to snow later this afternoon, through the overnight and into tomorrow, then slowly clear, with a sunny high of nearly 50 degrees Saturday.
I leave for vacation next week.  This is another quick drive to Florida, to see our son for the holidays, and bring back what stuff we can in my small car.  The 2-day drive will be quick, for sure.  Two 13+ hour days, driving about 1820 miles each way through two time zones, a bunch of major cities, travelling all Interstates will leave us 5 days to visit with family and friends near Orlando.  Then repeat the drive back here with a loaded car.
The weather looks good with no snow or major storms each way.  When we get back, we will both work through the holidays in Colorado, just like we did the past 2 years, and probably will the next 3 to 5.
I will try to write about the trip, as I have before.  Perhaps we will stop someplace cool, or visit a neat site with a story to tell, or catch some photos of a place not seen by us before.
So whether you stay home or travel, please enjoy this holiday season and celebrate it the best you can.  Happy Holidays to you and yours and have a great New Year!

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