Thursday, November 24, 2016

A New Hat

After a long, long fall, winter is finally here in Colorado this year.  While the small amount of snow we have received may be worrisome for those down the Colorado river who depend on our water next spring, it can still be a heavy snow year.  Storms are lined up about every 2-3 days, but sunny days are in between them, melting what little snow we get.  We will have to see.
With the cooling weather, my head was cold whenever I was outside.  My hair has thinned a lot this last decade, and I am wearing it shorter now so it doesn't look like a comb-over.  And my older knit hats just are not as warm as they used to be and they don't cover my ears well.
So I bought a new hat.
A Polartec 200 Fleece Beanie in black from REI.  Usually only $19.50, I got about $3.50 off with the REI winter sale coupon.  The hat is warm and the fits-all size actually covers my ears.  While wearing it out in the wind the other day, the lower 30 degree air reached neither my head nor my ears. Wearing it under my wind jacket hood was just perfect.  It also didn't mess up my hair too much, though my hair is hard to mess up now.  The REI Beanie is available in gray also.
So far, I am very pleased with the new beanie.  It shoves into my coat pocket pretty well, is very light weight, and keeps me warm as toast.  Not a lot to ask of an under $20 item, plus it was on sale!
I purchased this item with my own funds and have not been coerced into reviewing this product by or for anyone.
Remember to "Opt Outside" this black Friday with REI, friends, family and your pets.  This movement is growing and there are many more outdoor groups involved this year; walking, hiking, canoeing and spending time "not in a store".  Unfortunately, I have to work (in media) but will be outdoors in the morning hours Friday.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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