Friday, May 20, 2016

Running Water on Hidden Mesa Open Space Trail

On a warm Spring day recently I walked the Hidden Mesa Open Space Trail near Castle Rock. This is one of my favorite local trails.  It connects to the Cherry Creek bicycle trail to the east and is usually peaceful with few walkers, runners, bicyclists and horseback riders on a weekday.

The freshly washed trees
Rock Split beside the trail
I was wearing a T-shirt, it was that warm.  The temperature bounces up and down in the Colorado Spring, it was snowing just a few days ago. The breeze was light and cool, bird song was everywhere and water was pooled in places I had never seen before. It took some dancing around to keep my feet dry. Flowers were begiining to sprout and bloom.

And then I heard a sound I had never heard here before. The sound of running water!
On the east side along the trail, there are a few drainages, and in one, water was flowing over a cliff, creating a small waterfall. It was a small flow but was music to my ears!!!  From all my years hiking and backpacking back east I had forgotten how much I miss the sound of running water along a trail. How soothing it is. How well it blends with birdsong and the wind.

I know the next time I visit Hidden Mesa all the water will have run off the mesa or evaporated into the air. I do know I will never forget the feeling of hearing running water in a dry place.

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