Sunday, June 10, 2012

FL Hikes

I have found most of the trails that I hike listed in the book "Hikers Guide to the Sunshine State" by Sandra Friend.  She has documented hundreds, no thousands of miles of trails in Florida both in multiple books and online at  I like her style and the level of detail that she writes.  I have actually read her Hikers Guide from cover to cover and plan to hike many of the trails she listed, mostly as backpacking trips when the hot Florida weather cools down.
Many of the trails I hike, I already knew about from when we lived here before moving away to Colorado.  The Florida Trail has changed a bit (fewer road sections) but the national forest trails are still the same.  We have been back in Florida for nine years now and I still get out to bike and hike almost weekly.  Once I found Sandra's book online and purchased it, I have hiked several of the trails she describes.
When I write about that trail, I try not to "compete" with her on the details. No one knows the trails better, or can describe the plant life or trail history in Florida better than Sandra Friend.  I hope to meet her someday to tell her that in person.
Please check Sandra's web site or read one of her many books. Better than that, hike the trails!  The books make great gifts.
This spring we bought our daughter the 50 Walks in Central Florida book.  I expect she is using it for fun...
Sandra is now hiking the Appalachian Trail.  And she is still writing and posting stories when she gets a chance.  Good for her.  And great for us!

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