Saturday, June 30, 2012

Daily Walks

My wife and I almost daily walk the local trails near my home.  We can walk just outside our neighborhood to one trail or drive a short way to the other one which we like better.  It is an old rail trail and is heavily shaded.  This trail is paved, has benches, trail heads for parking and now, even art.
Trail Art
We like the way people have planted signs and dedicated trees for their dearly departed.  We meet a few of the same people daily walking, running, bicycling or skating during our 33 minute, 2 mile walk.  On days with more time before work, we walk further.  On some weekends I'll walk to the end of the trail a few miles away at the Wekiva River, and usually I'll bicycle there.
We walk for the exercise and for the quiet time we have.  It gives us something to plan for and we even catch up on ideas and plan outings.  I find I miss her when I walk alone, and I don't walk as fast without her.  I can hear her laughing at this.
Except for longer walks, I don't carry a pack or even water.  We are in-and-out so quickly, it really doesn't matter.  We get back to the car and hydrate on the way home.
The other trail is along a power line system and has almost no shade.  While we can walk it quicker without using the car, it just doesn't seem the same.  I save this one for walking in cooler weather or for bicycling because I am usually moving faster and going further.  I can cross the Interstate highway on a pedestrian bridge and pick up that first rail trail to follow it to the end and back for a 20+ mile bike trip.
Both trails have a way of grounding us and helping us handle life's stress.  We like them!
I am so lucky to live in such a nice area with such wonderful trails!

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