Friday, February 17, 2017

Visiting American Pickers Store in Nashville, Winter 2016 Florida - Road Trip

We stopped in Nashville on our return trip to check out the popular American Pickers Store.  We occasionally watch the American Pickers program and enjoy the actors and the things they find. Mostly we see re-runs on our computer now.
Well, finding the store was not as easy, but after following web site directions, find it we did.
The large and old Marathon Automobile factory is quickly filling up with cool new small businesses, places to get a crafted brew, and lots of art.  The American Pickers store fits in well here, with its collection of old musical instruments, vintage motorcycle engines and other antique and dusty items from the world of automobilia.

I liked the first corner on your right as you enter the store, where musicians can sit and jam by the window, under an antique radio sign and guitars on the wall.

Finding an old Fender Deluxe amp was interesting (note the cigarette burns), as was very old broadcast microphones, the old VW motorcycle (yes, a Volks Wagon motorcycle), an Indian Motorcycles store sign, a Hohner Harmonicas spinning sales device, old cameras, antique movie posters, the rusty, the crusty, and otherwise forgotten old stuff.

The store also sells the book, tee shirts and hats promoting the American Pickers program and some small collectible items.  At the checkout they were discussing someone buying a true, hand-picked item seen on one of the shows.

I noticed a couple items from the show presented inside the store as well as some hand-crafted chain lamps where the chain links were welded to stand to make them hold an Edison lamp.
Outside in the parking lot I spied one of the American Pickers trucks used for hauling pickings with the logo on the side just as we were leaving.

Nice visit, wished I could have picked!

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