Friday, February 12, 2016

Paved Hiking Trails in Castle Rock

Downtown Plum Creek Trail
 Quite a few people ask about "paved" hiking trails in and around the town where I live because during the winter they will be cleared of snow and can keep you away from the mud. For runners and walkers, a paved trail can get you outdoors for a quick dash or stroll during the winter months, where the natural surface and gravel trails must be cleared naturally by the sun.  For the snowshoers and cross country skiers, the natural surface trails are great under snow.

Plum Creek Trail at Hangman's Gulch Trail
In Castle Rock, Colorado, the county uses small snowplows to clear most of the paved trails in the town.  Starting after the roads have been cleared, these crews work for days after a snowfall to plow the trails. If you live where it snows, you can check with your city parks department to see if they clear the trails locally.
In Castle Rock, they clear the following trails and neighborhoods after a snowfall:

  • The Plum Creek Trail and most interconnecting trails through downtown including Sellars Gulch Trail and the area around the Fairgrounds.
  • Most of the city neighborhoods including Meadows, Founders, Red Hawk, Crystal Valley,         Woodlands, Metzler Ranch, Castle Oaks and Maher Ranch.
  • The sidewalk that follows the north side of Plum Creek Parkway from Gilbert Street to Ridge   Road, connecting downtown with Founders.
  • The Cherry Creek Trail
The communities of Parker, The Pinery, Lone Tree, and Highlands Ranch all have their own paved trail systems too. Feel free to check them out HERE.
Many of these neighborhood trails have portions that are used as sidewalks along major thoroughfares, and several connect to public parks and schools. Most offer some space to run, jog walk or even bicycle during snowy weather once they are cleared.
A Castle Rock TRAIL MAP is available here. It is from 2004 and there are many updates since. Check it out to find a trail near you. Do a drive-by first as not all town and open space trails are paved.

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