Friday, December 11, 2015

A new cup and a half

I needed a new drinking cup for my daypack so I don't have to constantly move my one cup from my cooking gear in my backpack to my daypack and back every trip. 
While browsing at REI, I found the GSI Infinity Clear Polypropylene Stacking Cup. Available in both green and blue, the clear cup holds 14.2 fluid ounces, has one and a half cup measurements/mil liters molded on the side in a food grade polypropylene. BPA-Free and weighing 1.8 ounces this cup is lightweight, stackable, non-leaching and is 100% recyclable. The cup's handle is shaped like a hook, with an opening to mimic a steel/wire cup of old. Being polypro, it won't burn your lips when the tea is hot. The cup is also a bit flexible, so it will travel well jammed into a backpack. GSI makes a lot of really good gear for camping, and this cup, priced at $2.95, is another great low priced backpacking and camping item.
I like the light weight and comfortable feel. The handle keeps you from being burned with hot contents. Mine is green. If you have a camping partner, the two colors will help keep them "owned" during trips.
Disclaimer: I purchased this item at the Denver REI using my own money.

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