Friday, May 29, 2015

Dupont Open Space


Dupont Open Space Trail
Dupont Open Space near Louviers, CO is a peaceful and quiet riparian habitat beside Plum Creek, just west of US 85 (Santa Fe Trail) and north of Sedalia.   It was raining off and on when we hiked it this week.  The area is great for a nice walk.  The Open Space is packed with many different bird species and wildlife.


Plum Creek
During the rain, 3 does were eating in the tall grass, nervously watching us from behind the Russian Olive and Cottonwood trees.
Hiking the trail could have gone on longer but the rain drove us back to our car.  We will come back when the weather clears and hike some more.

The park-like Open Space with dark skies

Flowers are everywhere

Enchanting forest inviting you in
Afterward we toured the Dupont company town site of Louviers.  Built in 1908, most of the homes were well kept and the Village Center was in great shape.  A couple homes are new, but most are older and are in a style more eastern than western.  I grew up around the coal company towns in eastern Kentucky, and this place felt like that.
Douglas County Library and a bowling alley are also in the Village Center.  Here is a wealth of historical information about the area.

Last look from the safety of the car in the rain
Finding Dupont Open Space is easy.  From Denver, travel south of 470 on Santa Fe US 85 for about 5 miles.  After the road changes from 4 lane to 2 lane, look for a sign pointing to Louviers on the right.  This is just past a very large travel trailer storage site.  Turn right, cross the railroad tracks and follow Main Street around to the right.  Cross the second set of railroad tracks and follow to the bridge over Plum Creek.  Park in the roadside area just past the bridge and cross the street to the trailhead pictured above. The Town of Louviers is just down the road about half a mile.

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