Friday, March 6, 2015

Colorado Bluebird Project

Colorado Bluebird
The Colorado Bluebird Project Nest Box Monitoring of 2015 will begin April 1st, 2015 and run weekly through September 1st.  The project is under the guidance of the Audubon Society of Greater Denver and is used to gather scientific information about the Bluebirds and whether they are increasing in population locally or not.
The Town of Castle Rock has over 150 Bluebird houses installed in the community and uses volunteers from the POST Partners of Castle Rock to monitor the birdhouses during the nesting season annually.  If you are interested in volunteering, here is a brochure which explains the project in more detail.
Colorado Bluebird Box
These beautiful birds have had a difficult time nesting and raising their young because of land development and the use of metal fence posts.  They are secondary cavity nesters, which means they must rely on other species used nesting cavities to make their homes, or they use artificial nest boxes.
The program has you check specific nest boxes weekly and keep an online Google Docs document current with your findings.  Training is offered with about 2 hours a week being all the time needed to monitor a nest box.  Other volunteers build new boxes and install them in March each year.
If you don't live in Castle Rock, check for spring and summer volunteer opportunities with your local Audubon Society.
The Training Manual is a PDF located here.  Training is offered at 7PM Wednesday, March 18 at the Castle Rock Town Hall in the upstairs Chamber Room.  I hope you can make it.

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