Friday, November 14, 2014

New Home, Old Home

Castle Rock, Colorado from Plum Creek.
I moved back home to Colorado.  If I didn't get to tell you before I left, my sincere apologies.  Living in Florida had run its course, my contract job had ended and I just wanted to go back home and start over, so I did.
Actually, we did.  My wife moved with me, driving her loaded car behind mine.  Our goal is to both find jobs and work, rebuilding our lives, doing things we enjoy.
We came across some cool things along the route to here.  A new suspension bridge across the Mississippi river in St. Louis was a great surprise.  The windmills, towering 200 feet above the Kansas hills were an awesome sight.  Those along with the miles of tall windmills in eastern Colorado are the future, creating electricity from the constant winds.
Castle Rock was our home for 13 years where we raised our children and were involved in the community.  I loved the outdoors and the life along the front range of the rocky mountains and the prairie.  I had wanted to return here since I left over 10 years ago, and we finally did.
We arrived in Castle Rock a few nights ago and are acclimating to the shift change, dry weather, DST change, time zone change, and elevation increase (sea level to 6000 feet).  I actually breathe deeper here.
Today we walked along the Plum Creek Trail in town.
The late afternoon sun colored everything gold.
The late fall foliage was beautiful.
I don't know the name of this grass, but in the late fall it looks like back-lit snow.
The mile-long south bound coal train rolled by.
Plum Creek is dammed in a few places by beavers.
The returning engines from an earlier coal train, heading back north for more loaded rail cars.
The Russian Olive tree in an invasive species here.
Old rock work under the rail road line.
Big Sky Country.  A change in the weather is coming tonight.
The trail returning to the parking lot with the setting sun. 

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