Friday, August 29, 2014

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If you didn't know, I also write two other blogs on a weekly basis.  Bryce Trips and Bicycling Over Fifty.  You can follow my hiker stick figure on both blogs : )

Bryce Trips
Bryce Trips is about travels I've made; road trips, bike rides, hikes, sailing and paddling trips, and it generally covers most of what I do outdoors.  I have always enjoyed traveling and feel a deeply personal need to share these places, trips and fine times with you.

Bicycling Over Fifty
Bicycling Over Fifty is about bicycles; bicycle touring, bicycle parts and bicycling, which I pursued heavily for over 35 years.  I still ride, though mostly now on paved trails.  It covers bicycling at 50 YEARS OF AGE, not at 50 MPH!  I hope to make a bicycle tour or join a multi-day group ride in the near future and write about it for you.
Please check out my other blogs and tell me what you think.

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