Friday, February 14, 2014

Body Glide Sized For Camping

Ultralight protection
When I started using Body Glide on my feet a couple of years ago to prevent blisters, I used the 1.3-ounce size which is about the size of a container of roll-on anti-perspirant.   In addition to coating my heels with Body Glide, I cover the bottoms of my feet and toes.  So far I have hiked and backpacked blister-free. They also make a 2.5-ounce version which would last a bit longer at home. 
Soon after I found a half-ounce push-up version at REI to carry in my backpack, thinking that it was small enough to not add significant weight to my pack, but would give me an overnight/morning/emergency treatment option on the trail.  You can’t not be prepared to take care of your feet when walking is your main mode of travel.  I used that (0.45 ounces actually) half-ounce version up with my hiking, backpacking and overnight trips last year.  
Well, thanks to the marathon runners out there, I have located even a smaller package of Body Glide for ultralight trips.  The best size of Body Glide I found to carry with me while hiking are individual units of the “pocket-sized” 3-pack pictured above.  These individual units are a small “push-pop” design, so you keep your hands clean of the Glide lubricant and have something to hold onto when applying it.  At 0.07 ounces of glide each, these small sizes are perfect for a few days of backpacking, or maybe a week of walking travel.  And they are light enough to carry a spare (without noticing it).  Some people have complained that they should be filled more than just halfway, and I agree.  On my scale one unit weighs 0.2 ounces/6 grams. 
Each unit weighs 0.2 ounces or 6 grams
One stays in my daypack and I still have 2 spares to use as needed.  For long trail hiking, I think the 1.3-ounce version would be just fine with one of these 0.2 ounce ones in my backup kit as a spare.  I found them on a rack at my local Dick’s Sporting Goods where I have been buying my Esbit tabs for my ultralight stove.   REI carries them also and I’m sure you will be able to find them at a lot of athletic stores.  There is also a woman-specific formula also which has good reviews for comfort and application.
I also plan to save these push-up containers and re-pack them with Body Glide leftovers.  We’ll cover that process in an upcoming blog post.

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