Friday, January 31, 2014

Many of the hiking and backpacking community are people who go their own way.  There are some loners who travel alone, and others who like to have a lot of friends along to share the experience.  It is also made up of clubs where people explore the outdoors together.  Mostly it is also made up of people who care about the world and the other people in it.
So what does ultralight backpacking and providing clean drinking water to the world have in common?
Sawyer Filters.
Like many of you, I use them to filter my water in the backcountry.  And Waves 4 Water uses them to filter water for communities in need around the planet.
MVP Filter Kit - Find a bucket locally.
I know that some of you may be travelling abroad in 2014, and a way for you to actually help someone is to become a Clean Water Courier (CWC). 
You already know how to use these filters to get clean water, and you can easily show someone how to use them, how to make a hole in a bucket and how to easily backwash the filters with clean water to make them last for years.  You can carry filter kits in your luggage to many places around the world and help people yourself.  Directly. 
You can raise money online for these kits in advance, and you can blog about how you were able to be an aid to people, helping them get clean drinking water, maybe for the first time in their lives.  While on your trip you can still enjoy your trip, you don’t have to go to a specific place, or follow disasters on CNN to meet someone else’s requirements.  Go where you want to.  W4W wants you to do this your own way. 
If this seems like something you can do for the world, follow this link to learn more.
If you would like to help W4W with a donation, donate, click here or donate to one of their projects.
If you want to purchase a filter for your family or someone in need, click here to buy.
Then send me a link to your blog or an email or photos so I can share what good you did on Lite Packer.
You can be the change that is needed in the world.

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