Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mile. Mile and a Half...

How far to the trail's end?  Mile. Mile and a Half.
Central Florida will be hosting a screening of the film "Mile. Mile and a Half" in Deland at the Athens Theater, downtown on 17/92.  Florida natives on the project have brought the film here and in partnership with the Florida Trail Association, will present the movie next Thursday evening, July 18 at 7:30 PM.  Cost is only $10, with half of that being a donation to the Florida Trail Association.  Get tickets here.
Working at Elevation.
The Muir Project movie is about hiking the high sierra mountains from Yosemite to Mount Wilson. The 25 day excursion was professionally captured using the latest digital film technology.
Working as a media professional for many years, I understand the technological feat of carrying the equipment necessary to film on your back with your backpacking gear, while making your daily miles, cooking and setting up camp nightly on a 25 day through hike is extraordinary.  The subject matter is some of the most beautiful, scenic and remote land in the World, and it is a life-changing hike.
Click here for film previews. 
Please join with Central Florida for this epic screening.  It may change your life too!


  1. Hi Bryce, thanks for sharing this! I'm really interested in finding out when they might be doing a screening in Seattle, WA. I grew up in Orlando but have been in the Puget Sound for the last decade. Ever make it this far west? Were you involved in the film? Looks like a really cool project!

  2. Trail Guy,
    In my haste to respond to you earlier, I used my personal email instead of this site, so I'm resending the message to all.

    I have been to California, LA, San Francisco and San Diego, but never up north. Maybe soon! It is beautiful country!
    No, I cannot take credit for being part of the film, though I wish I could.
    How about going to see Mile Mile and a Half at...

    August 1, 2013
    The Mountaineers Program Center in Seattle ⋅ 6:15 p.m.
    7700 Sand Point Way NE ⋅ TICKETS ON SALE NOW
    - Enjoy a musical set by Opus Orange
    - Come meet members of The Muir Project team
    - DVD & BluRay of Mile… Mile & A Half film available
    - Get your Mile… Mile & A Half store items at event prices
    - giveaways
    - See more at: http://themuirproject.com/events/#sthash.6iT4YW9e.dpuf