Friday, May 24, 2013

REI Flash 18 Water Bladder Holder MYOG

For my REI Flash 18 daypack, the water bladder pocket does not have a holder for a bladder at the top of the pack.  Usually my Platypus 2 litre bladder works just fine, but last week the top somehow folded over, cutting off my water supply before it was empty.  When I opened the pack to see what the problem was I was surprised to find the water bladder had folded over, until I noticed how empty the bag was.  For ultralight day hiking and bicycling I will usually carry a nearly-empty pack, the water being the most important item in the pack.
REI Flash 18 daypack and parts
While shopping recently, there was a clothing hook (for socks?) laying on the floor as trash.  I picked it up and pocketed it, thinking of what I could use it for.  Well, here it is!
Poking the hole
I poked a hole into the center of a seam along the inside pack top using a hammer and a small screwdriver with a sharp point. This seam made it possible to poke a hole through while staying totally inside of the pack.  Then I threaded a small zip tie with the clothing hook through the hole and cut off the excess of the zip tie with wire cutters.  The blue foam is a piece cut from my old sleeping pad, to give the pack support and shape, and to pad my back from whatever I may be carrying.
Attaching the hook with a zip tie
When installing the Platypus, it was easy to loop the hook through the white clamp top of the bladder.  It held the top of the bladder without an issue and was small enough to not be in the way when loading the pack with anything else.  Once the pack is placed on my back, it straightens out the bladder and holds it upright, preventing it from folding over.  And it doesn't weigh anything on my scale.

A simple MYOG, a simple fix, my water problems are solved!


  1. The Platypus 1.8 liter bladder fits better than the 2.0 and 3.o because of the length. Also, we moved up to the Flash 22. Still I love the 18 and used a small carabiner to hold the zip to the loop. See our reviews of the Big Zip at and the Flash 18 versus 22 at