Friday, January 4, 2013

Outdoor Blogger Network

I was just added to the Outdoor Blogger Network web site under the Hiking and Backpacking section.  This broad based site covers almost everything outdoors from fishing to hunting, birding to conservation, kayak & watercraft to photography, and much, much more.
Please click here to check out the site.
I'm listed under Lightweight Backpacking
I'm on page 13 of the Hiking and Backpacking section for now.  I am with good company on the site with bloggers I read regularly, like Section Hiker, Stick's Blog, Brian's Backing Blog, Guthook Hikes, The Smoky Mountains Hiking Blog and others that I follow, plus there are so many new writers to read.
This is so cool, where I am now featured on two networking sites, the Outdoor Blogger Network and on the Hiking Blogs Directory.
Thanks to everyone who has visited me through the Outdoor Blogger Network!
My gratitude and warm thanks go out to Rebecca Garlock and Joe Wolf with the Outdoor Blogger Network, and Philip Werner with the Hiking Blogs Directory!  Big thanks to readers of these sites who checked out my blog and keep coming back!